Welcome to the Grace of the Kingdom

Are you a sinner saved by grace or a son sitting next to the throne of grace?

There is a great difference and it determines how you operate daily in God’s purposes.

Thank youIt is the intent of this site to bring an understanding to the message of grace as viewed from the perspective of the Kingdom of God and not as it applies to the fall of man.  Most people know that they have been saved by grace, but then what is grace for?  In the posts that are found here you will learn about the foundation of grace, when it began, how it operates, its nature, and much much more.  If you’ve come to this site looking for a place that will remind you of your sinful nature, then I regrettably must burst that bubble now.  If the Father doesn’t remember it, what right do I, or anyone for that matter, have in claiming “there is sin in the camp?” My purpose here is solely to help inform and launch you into your God-given purpose.

As you can see this is an on-going adventure so you may want to subscribe to keep updated on new revelation as it comes.  The following articles are the message of grace that I trust will change your understanding and move you into a greater relationship with the Father.

Accessing Grace

The following are the postings that develop this study in grace.  They are arranged newest to oldest.  Just pick the title that your interested in and it will direct you to that post.  If you want to start from the beginning, scroll all the way to the bottom and work your way up.

In the categories that are listed you will find that some of these postings are doubled in the categories.  This is because many of the items that I cover here apply in multiple categories and to stick it in just one would do you a dis-service in understanding the operation of grace.

Enjoy your study.