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Kingdom Grace

Kingdom grace is a whole lot different from the graces of this world. In these messages you will see the differences and be able to know when you are moving in the kingdom or in the world.

Grace with Attitude – Gratitude

Practical application of living daily in grace.

The Book – My Grace to You

Recently I have assembled all the teachings that I’ve produced here and elsewhere, and put them in one book entitles appropriately, My Grace to You.  This book creates a handy reference to the Greek concept of charis which I’ve uncovered in its use in the Bible.  Here is the book description: Most people study grace […]

Grace Unplugged

Over the weeks and months I have found there is also a facet that needs to be explored in order to fully explain what is missing. That facet is what the affect of the loss of grace was. Sure, we have all some understanding of it, but according to its truest meaning, we have no clue what it means to be out of grace or even recognize when we are. In other words, if you know what God knows about being disconnected from grace, or disgrace, then you’ll be able to know what the enemy will use to keep you out of the kingdom of God.

The Gift of Grace

An important aspect of grace that many overlook has to do with honor. This honor is evident in the kingdom by the presence of the throne of grace. As grace operated in the creation event, the highest honor is given to each object that reflects the fullness of the elements it came from.

The Believing of Grace

The Kingdom of God is like a buffet restaurant – abounding grace and provision. We can’t grasp that. Scarcity has mothered us and we can’t pull ourselves off of the teat because we believe we’ll starve.

The Word of Grace III

There are two levels of grace in operation at all times: The grace of this world and the grace of the Kingdom of God – knowing the difference determines not only which, but how you impart grace to someone.

Living in Grace

In this eternal realm of grace miracles never happen – wholeness is natural. Consider that God has never experienced a miracle. Miracle point to God and He doesn’t need to experience a miracle to confirm to Him that He is. When you live in the realm of grace you don’t experience miracles – you experience the normal life of that realm.

Full of Grace and Truth

“Full of grace” indicates quantity while “and truth” indicates the quality of the grace. This means that the grace that Jesus demonstrated in his life was always full and of the purest form. The notion of a grace that isn’t pure may seem odd but that is what the phrase “grace for grace” indicates.

The Goodness of Grace

In our Western culture our days begin at the crack of dawn where we hustle off to do our business and end at sunset when we collapse from exhaustion, desperately seeking rest. Grace operates from a place of rest first. Instead of working to rest, grace rests so that you can work. This is vital to understanding how the Kingdom operates in your life.

The Sons of Grace

Jesus clearly states that we have the ability to be perfect in the same manner that our Father in heaven is perfect. But what does that mean to be perfect? The Greek word is teleios and it means to be of full age, mature. The contrast to this term would be a babe in Christ. It implies a goal or destination – it is not a pass to heaven.

The Word of Grace II

God issues a word that has only been carefully created to follow a predetermined purpose, a purpose that always reflects the nature of His kingdom and conversely, His nature also. His inability to lie is only because if He did, He being associated with a lie would make Himself to be a lie too.

Grace and Mercy – A Primer

The Kingdom of God is like playing one on one with Michael Jordan. You find out how grace and mercy operate together as your being “schooled.”

The Word of Grace

The word has within it the nature to release any manner of restraint and give full, unhindered opportunity to carry out its assignment based on the authority behind its use.

Judgment of Grace

When man fell, his first response to God was for mercy not grace. It was grace that he fell from. Mercy is the expression of grace that permits access to the throne while in a fallen state. Salvation restored our nature of grace in the kingdom.

Grace is about Relationship

I find it amazing that “the church” would outlaw the very cornerstone to its creation, the very symbol that, according to our opening passage, associates love to God. Why any church would think that it can practice its creed without the author of it is beyond me.