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Saved by Grace

Everyone who accepts the lordship of Jesus starts here. But you are not intended to stay here. Here you will Everyone who accepts the lordship of Jesus starts here. But you are not intended to stay here. Here you will learn where you are to progress towards so that you can be recognized as a son of God.

The Book – My Grace to You

Recently I have assembled all the teachings that I’ve produced here and elsewhere, and put them in one book entitles appropriately, My Grace to You.  This book creates a handy reference to the Greek concept of charis which I’ve uncovered in its use in the Bible.  Here is the book description: Most people study grace […]

What is Grace? Revisited

In this post today I wanted to provide you with an update about what is grace.  An update which will be administrated by the use of podcasting.  I trust that it will answer a few more questions while providing the stimulus to create several more.  Enjoy and I’ll be back soon to provide you with […]

Grace is a verb – so act that way.

When David desired to build a house for God he modified the verb of God’s presence towards a noun of God’s habitation – he halted the kingdom of grace to a place rather than a lifestyle. God still expects us to live “by grace” not “in grace.”

Grace and Mercy – A Primer

The Kingdom of God is like playing one on one with Michael Jordan. You find out how grace and mercy operate together as your being “schooled.”

The Word of Grace

The word has within it the nature to release any manner of restraint and give full, unhindered opportunity to carry out its assignment based on the authority behind its use.

Grace is not . . .

Our Father’s plan and purpose has been established in eternity passed and He hasn’t changed it. If Jesus found favor with Him and man then we have the same nature available to us too. But if we keep attaching “unmerited” to it then it’s no wonder that we aren’t doing the greater works that Jesus said that we should do.

Amazing Grace – The Lie of the enemy

One little letter, that is shaped like a cross, changes the entire meaning of a song! Don’t think for a moment that this subtle little ploy wasn’t carefully crafted. Our enemy understands the power of song.

The Will of Grace

Grace has a purpose, a desire, a pleasure associated with it that you must understand simply because it is the motivation of its operation.

Grace that Abounds

I don’t know if you realize this but death, an anything that resembles or leads to it, doesn’t have a way of reproducing itself like life does. Life has the ability to create something called “generations” which echo the original pattern. Death is a one-trick pony while life is an entire circus.

The Grace of Time

Who hath saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, (2 Timothy 1:9) We’re going to take a look at the beginnings today.  This won’t be the last time that […]

The Pleasure of Grace 2

Okay, we’ve spent a little time being introduced into the wonders of grace.  It’s time to now go deeper and begin exploring the many facets that enabled the New Testament writers to communicate with a culture that understood the fullness of grace as it resided on the earth.  Yes, that statement implies that there are […]

Grace Review 1

Whenever you cover material it is good to review what you have learned.  This helps to make sure that you’ve retained the material as well as see what areas you may need to bone up on.  I’m doing this as a regular means of keeping all the information that we’re covering in a format that […]

Reciprocal Grace

Paul spoke about grace that came from Heaven in the form of Jesus. It wasn’t a Jewish Messiah that these listeners heard about; it was about the reciprocal nature of grace in the exchange that Jesus made for them.

The Vastness of Grace

A dear friend was speaking recently and made a comment that struck me.  During her discussion she repeatedly kept drawing to the term, “the vastness of grace.”  As she did this I was reminded of two passages of scripture. Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet, Heaven […]

The Pleasure of Grace

Well any discussion about grace has to take into consideration the fact that whatever the meaning of grace is, its very foundation is built upon the nature of . . .