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Saying Grace

A simple prayer will either release provision or declare purpose. Do you know the difference? Here you will learn from the Master.

The Book – My Grace to You

Recently I have assembled all the teachings that I’ve produced here and elsewhere, and put them in one book entitles appropriately, My Grace to You.  This book creates a handy reference to the Greek concept of charis which I’ve uncovered in its use in the Bible.  Here is the book description: Most people study grace […]

The Word of Grace III

There are two levels of grace in operation at all times: The grace of this world and the grace of the Kingdom of God – knowing the difference determines not only which, but how you impart grace to someone.

Grace Review 2

We learn material in levels, advancing into a new dimension of thought that transforms our mind and changes our heart. The dimension of grace is our destination.

Saying Grace that Multiplies

As a child I was tortured by the “saying of grace” before a meal. It was merely another means for adults to dictate how they felt I should behave in a social setting.

The Vastness of Grace

A dear friend was speaking recently and made a comment that struck me.  During her discussion she repeatedly kept drawing to the term, “the vastness of grace.”  As she did this I was reminded of two passages of scripture. Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet, Heaven […]

Knowing Charis/Grace

Charis has a rich history in the Greek culture. Its concepts cannot easily be boiled down to one or two simple words or sentences which will properly portray the vast richness and complexities that this single word spans.