5 Grace Keys

What are the 5 Grace Keys?

Grace is a multi-faceted subject and to try to cover it in its entirety will take many lifetimes due to its very nature of being eternal.  There are some keys that most people are missing when they speak about grace and it is the intent of this page to give a basic understanding of the keys that represent the nature of grace.  Some of the posts that explore a facet of this have been given as a primer to move you into further study of these topics.

1.      Grace is eternal.
2 Timothy 1:9 tells us that grace was before the foundations of the world.  We need to know The Grace of Time.

2.      Grace is reciprocal giving.
If you understand grace’s meaning from its Greek origin you begin to see Reciprocal Grace everywhere.

3.      Grace produces pleasure.
There is joy at the very center of grace which means The Pleasure of Grace is a force that most miss.

4.      Grace abounds.
The ability to promote and honor life is what describes Grace that Abounds.

5.      Grace leaves thanksgiving in its wake.

Once you’ve experienced it there is a Saying Grace That Multiplies which never leaves you.

From these five keys you can explore a number of scriptures in the bible and see grace in many ways that you never realized before.  This is important in understanding grace because it permeates everywhere.  With these keys you will begin to unlock the fullness of the kingdom in your life.