The Book – My Grace to You

grace2u-epub-coverRecently I have assembled all the teachings that I’ve produced here and elsewhere, and put them in one book entitles appropriately, My Grace to You.  This book creates a handy reference to the Greek concept of charis which I’ve uncovered in its use in the Bible.  Here is the book description:

Most people study grace from the position of the fall of man. This makes grace an escape mechanism to get you into Heaven. But what if that wasn’t the original intent of grace for you?

In My Grace to You, author mike hillebrecht takes a fresh look at grace from the Kingdom of God viewpoint before the foundation of the world. In this insightful reading you will discover why understanding how the New Testament writers use of grace in their daily social structures gave them an ability to activate the truths and power of the Kingdom of God quickly within their communities.

Drawing from a variety of sources, mike takes you on a well rounded tour of the meaning of grace that will open up possibilities which you may never knew existed. You can be certain that this isn’t the grace your grandma knew – and it sure is a whole lot more exciting too!

Here is one endorsement that it has already received.

This book, “My Grace to You” is a must read for anyone that is serious about their walk with God.  As an Ambassador of a nation, and my extensive travels around the world, I have not found a more important book to aid the Kingdom of God then this one. – Ambassador Clyde Rivers, Republic of Burundi

The book is available on Amazon located here.  I hope you enjoy it.


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